Sakis Teak Sun Lounger

Sakis Teak Sun Lounger

Loungers – sakis teak sun lounger with code DLDD-029 teak wood materials. This sunbed is available in height 55 width 77 and length 22 sizes. You can also order it in your own size

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Sakis Teak Sun Lounger With Find Sanded Finish

The latest product sun lounge – sakis teak sun lounger W: 77 L: 22 H: 55 cm from teak outdoor furniture indonesia collection with code DLDD-029 teak wood materials.

Sakis Teak Sun Lounger

A nice garden would not be complete without them. Teak sunbed, or whatever you want to call it. They are a nice addition to already exist teak wood furniture products on your garden. Well? Of course you must have sakis teak sun lounger, so they become perfect sets for your home gardens. Yes of course we have them too.

why sakis teak sun lounger? Well? It s because they do not rotten in extreme outdoor environment and also it has beautiful grain, that other wood species doesn’t have. Beauty and strength, what else do we need?

Sakis Teak Sun Lounger Designs

Constructed of the highest quality teak wood from Indonesia with an official commitment to manage their timber resources sustainable. Traditional mortise and tenon joinery held together with wooden dowels are combined with marine grade brass hardware to ensure quality construction that will withstand a lifetime of use. The high oil content of teak makes it virtually immune to rot, allowing for superior performance in marine environments. Teak can be left outside in all seasons and will naturally oxidize to a soft, silvery gray. It requires little to no maintenance to keep this look and easy assembly.

there are many different styles of sun lounge, it is mainly a mater of personal preference and how you want to use it that will determine which one you should get. For teak wood sunbed, minimalist style(sakis teak sun lounger) look great with any type of sun lounge. There are also sunbed with designs in the seating area if your looking for something a little less plain.

We have many designs of sunbed. There are fixed and sturdy sun lounge that stands to extreme outdoor weather. We also have aluminum or other metal mixed with teak, natural rattan or synthetics materials. You can also make custom design sun lounge to fit your personal needs. Simply give us a call or shoot an email and we can talk a little more detail about it.

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Dimensions 22 × 77 × 55 cm
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