Welcome to Dawood Indonesia

The perfect decision for high-quality Indonesian furniture with 12 years of experience. As one of the major furniture makers, DAWOOD INDONESIA has become a pioneer in Indonesian Furniture Manufacturers. We will give you an enthusiastic administration to meet all needs and requirements to achieve client fulfillment. Our administrative capabilities, exceptional workmanship and innovation from our relatives will convey a very valuable business relationship and in addition an excellent item.

The long journey of meeting in Indonesian furniture manufacturers, made us solid in maintaining and guiding our business. Our business develops empathically and has been done through decent character which is also part of our business culture. Accumulation of different items from open furniture to indoor furniture, from quality Indonesian teak, mahogany, mindi wood and other wood materials, to Indonesian normal rattan and fiber turned into our administrative slogan. Consumer loyalty is our need and our relatives will arrange you to make it possible and also maintain long-term business relationships. Diligent work, love, happiness and creativity are the hallmarks of our business. They will think about each item we send and take advantage of what we provide.

Finally, we Dawood Indonesia under the auspices of CV Fortuna Soergo Indofurni as a quality Indonesian furniture maker, without doubt believe that our group with a large capacity and good item properties will give you the benefits of your business, because we will solve it in our hearts. We will guarantee that you are in the right choice by choosing us, an extraordinary decision, and we will be very happy and cheerful to be part of your main decision.


Furniture manufacturer and exporter


Solid Teak Wood from legal Government Forestry Stainless steel or other materials needed as requested


United States, Europe, Australia and Asia


TT LC payment - Price are based on FOB (Free of Board) Semarang



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